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Beacon Target Turner
Price List

Prices listed are as of October 1, 2008

GSA/FSS Contractor;
Please call for price list or visit www.gsaadvantage.gov

Note: Target turner prices include: Standard target holders, all air lines, fittings needed for installation and control box.

Portable Units
  BPT-4 Portable Turner   $565.00
  BPU-2 Portable Pop-Up   $565.00
  BTT-2 Tactical Turner   $445.00
  TL-1 Target Limo   $255.00
Portable / Stationary Static Turners
  BSM-240 Two Station Master   $865.00
  BSS-140 One Station Slave   $325.00
  BSM-248 Two Station Master   $945.00
  BSS-148 One Station Slave   $360.00
Extras if Needed
  Offset Holder for portable BPT-4   $75.00
  Handheld Timer    
    (adjustable .1 to 999.9 sec.) w/50 ft. cord   $460.00
  Quick Connect & Regulator   $74.00
  Air tank (11 gal.) & Regulator   $145.00
  Timer Console (4 SWITCH)   $735.00
  Fixed Control System   Price on request
  Remote Control out to 200 yards   Price on request
Prototypes & Test Units
Available from time to time
CALL 888-815-8383