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Beacon Target Turner
Frequently Asked Questions

Air Supply?
The turners use air pressure from 35 to 40 PSI to operate and depending on the model, will use from 2 to 6 cubic inches of air per turn.
Airlines can go about 500 feet from tank to turners.
How many turns will I get from a supply source?
-- Air Compressor - unlimited.
-- 11 gal. Portable Air Tank - about 425 turns before refilling.
-- CO2 Bottle 20 lb. - about 5,000 turns before refill.
Our standard control box and other control systems use 12 volt D.C.. The standard control box has a master switch that is ON/OFF/MOMENTARY and a switch for each turner. This allows you to control all turners at once, or one at a time.
A couple of the turners are self-shielding and others may need shielding from misdirected shots. This is best done at a local level. A piece of 1/8" sheet metal faced with 2" x __ will stop any handgun round from doing damage.
Target Holders?
The target holders are designed to hold a pair of 1" x 2"s, to which you can staple your target backer and targets. You can also adjust the height of the targets with them. Stockholders are 24".
Indoor Use?
Yes, however, some target turners were designed for outdoor use and due to the smooth floor you may have to sand bag them to keep them in place.
Why Electric Controls?
If used with just air controls you would have to run two air lines to each unit and fill each of these lines every time. You would need an air compressor to supply the air. With a small 12-volt valve mounted on the turner you can operate the system with a small amount of air.
Why 12 Volt DC?
It's handy, if you drive to the range you have 12 volts with you, your car battery or other 12 volt battery source. Indoor operation, simply use a 110 VAC. to 12 VDC. converter or, again a 12 volt battery source and most important - SAFETY - I have never heard of anyone being electrocuted with 12 volts.